Friday, April 30, 2010


Finally Friday...
Time for a Weekend Riding Getaway!

NO rain yesterday or overnight. This afternoon as of 1:45 p.m., we have a current temperature of 75 degrees. It is cloudy today. The sun threatened to come out earlier, but now as just decided it will stay behind the clouds. We are expecting to get a little warmer today, but not by much. Low 80's expected for highs today. Mid-morning we received a rain shower, but it was brief and nothing measurable to report. Just enough to wet the ground & settle the dust. The outlook for this weekend looks pleasant...cooler temperatures (low 70's) expected with sun. The forecast is calling for possible isolated thunderstorms/rain showers for tomorrow, but we'll just have to wait and see. According to the radar, it may miss us. Overall, a pretty nice weekend is ahead us...make your plans to get out and enjoy it!

Let's look to the's your Friday comprehensive report...

Just as a recap, leading up to today, here are this week's rainfall totals that we pulled off each of our daily blogs from the week:

* overnight---NO PRECIPITATION
* Friday (4/30/2010 Today) -- Brief rain shower this a.m., but nothing measurable to report as of 1:45 p.m.

* NO measurable rain this week to report. The rain this morning helped settle the dust & make riding great for this weekend!

All of our trails are OPEN....this includes all trails on both the North & East sides. Bill's Woods & Madagascar (aka..The New Property) are both open as well...ENJOY!

Mountain Creek is at its normal level, except down toward the mouth of the Red River where we advise riders to use caution due to some murky water from the Red River being currently backed up into the mouth of Mountain Creek. No problem crossing Mountain Creek at this time. As always we would like to remind everyone that just because a trail was there on your last ride...don't expect it to be there on your next ride. With all the moisture this winter (snow & rain)...a lot of our trail system has been changed, so we advise everyone to use extreme caution even when riding on trails that you were once familiar.

NO dust! There may be a few puddles, but don't expect anything significant since the rain shower earlier this morning was very minimal.

Riders to RRMT, Inc. will now find that RRMT, Inc. has over 30 new point of interest signs installed out on the trails. These are a great new addition to the park & we are very proud of them! These signs will help you catch the iRide Bulcher, Texas fever as you continue to learn about the various unique parts of the RRMT, Inc. Facility!

** Please note that as of the winter riding season, our sign project has been put on hold. We will resume crafting and putting up the rest of these signs probably in the spring time frame, when all winter weather is completely over with!

The Red River is currently at its normal low level. There is some minimal lurking murky water/quicksand being pushed up into the mouth of Mountain Creek from the river, so watch out for it...getting stuck is always a possibility in certain areas in the creek.

While riding in Mountain Creek is possible and crossing the creek is also possible...please use caution when in the creek, especially further down the creek toward the river. It is very possible to sink your recreational vehicle in the creek due to quicksand/water if not careful. Please note that if you get stuck, RRMT, Inc. is under no obligation to tow you out!

Do you have your RV Rental for this weekend? RRMT, Inc. offers Member RV Site Rentals on a daily basis. Reservations are recommended if you desire a particular RV Site. Otherwise, all walk-up RV Site rentals are welcome as well. Please note that in addition to these rental sites, as usual, RRMT, Inc. also offers free other campsites that are always available via first come-first serve for your convenience.

* We have several RV rentals available for this weekend! Those interested in a or email us!

P.S. We are already accepting RV rentals for Memorial Day Weekend. Get your upcoming holiday weekend planned soon!

2010 RRMT, Inc. Memberships On Sale!
If you weren't a member in 2009, but are planning on joining for 2010...don't forget that 2010 RRMT, Inc. Memberships are currently on sale to the general public! Member benefits start immediately. A great deal & just in time for the new year! If you will be visiting the park this weekend, a new 2010 membership may be just what you need! Ask us for details.

2009 RRMT, Inc. Members May Renew Now For 2010!
Registration is open for current 2009 members to renew their memberships for 2010. You can mail your stuff in or bring it with you to the park office on your next visit. If you will be visiting this weekend, upon check-in at the park office, we can provide you with renewal paperwork to complete if you need any help with finalizing needed park documentation.

RRMT, Inc. will be OPEN this weekend...tomorrow, Saturday, May 1 & Sunday, May 2. We will have park operation hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. both days. All Members, Guests, and Visitors Welcome This Weekend in Bulcher!

Happy Trails,

RRMT, Inc. Staff