Monday, April 26, 2010


Happy Monday...

Well if you didn't ride this weekend, you missed out. We all enjoyed really nice weather...except for the fact that it was a little on the windy side. NO rain yesterday or overnight. This morning as of 11:25 a.m., we have a current temperature of 66 degrees. We currently have sunny skies with some wind, but luckily the wind is not as bad as it was over the weekend. We are anticipating low 70's for highs today. We have received NO rain thus far today.

Do you have your RV Rental for this weekend? RRMT, Inc. offers Member RV Site Rentals on a daily basis. Reservations are recommended if you desire a particular RV Site. Otherwise, all walk-up RV Site rentals are welcome as well. Please note that in addition to these rental sites, as usual, RRMT, Inc. also offers free other campsites that are always available via first come-first serve for your convenience.

P.S. We are already taking Member RV Site reservations for Memorial if you are interested, you better plan ahead! Call or email us.

2010 RRMT, Inc. Memberships On Sale!
If you weren't a member in 2009, but are planning on joining for 2010...don't forget that 2010 RRMT, Inc. Memberships are currently on sale to the general public! Member benefits start immediately. A great deal & just in time for the new year! If you will be visiting the park this weekend, a new 2010 membership may be just what you need! Ask us for details.

2009 RRMT, Inc. Members May Renew Now For 2010!
Registration is open for current 2009 members to renew their memberships for 2010. You can mail your stuff in or bring it with you to the park office on your next visit. If you will be visiting this weekend, upon check-in at the park office, we can provide you with renewal paperwork to complete if you need any help with finalizing needed park documentation.

Blog Poll Recap
Last week, we wanted to know more about our blog readers so we asked if they were male or female. Here are the results:

Question: “I read the RRMT, Inc. blog, & I am...”
Answer: The winner was “male” with 86%
Details: There were only a total of 15 votes casted in last week's poll. “Male” won with 13 votes (86%) with "Female" only getting 2 votes which accounted for 13%.

A big thank you to everyone that voted in our blog poll question this past week. We are really focused with getting our new park website launched here soon so as a result, there will be no blog poll question this week as the blog poll goes on hiatus and it is unsure when or if it will return because with the new website launch, we are anticipating a new blog to be launched as well. So good things are coming, and as a result, our blog updates may be scarce. However, as a result of our more recent launch of our Facebook page and Twitter account, people can sign up to get brief daily updates via those venues. Watch for new things coming soon!

RRMT, Inc. will be OPEN this weekend...Saturday, May 1 & Sunday, May 2. We will have park operation hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. this weekend. All Members, Guests, and Visitors Welcome!

Have a great week...

RRMT, Inc. Staff