Thursday, May 6, 2010


Do you like bragging about your favorite riding spot? Others do!

Our iRide Bulcher, Texas campaign has been a huge hit, since its launch on 6/6/2009.

While a new park website is still in the works & we promise is coming to your computer screen soon sometime soon...the new point of interest signs we have installed & will continue to install around the park has increased everyone's interest in our small, quaint community. (FYI...On our future new website we will have a great detail of history regarding this wonderful place we call RRMT, Inc. in Bulcher, Texas.)

We're proud of this place we call home...Bulcher, Texas & hope you are too. You can obtain these great NEW stickers FREE at our park office. A great addition to the vehicle or trailer!

Some people might be asking themselves, why do you go by Bulcher? I don't see a town there now. (In your spare time, if you do some research online you will actually find that data shows Bulcher as a Texas Ghost Town with a population of 6) Why don't you just go by Muenster? Well first of all to get technical here...Muenster is 15 miles away. Many of you don't realize that there are actually closer towns/communities to the park rather than Muenster...Saint Jo is only 10 miles and other communities of Capps Corner & Illinois Bend are even closer. So if that is the case, why don't people call our location Saint Jo, Capps Corner, or Illinois Bend? A true & astonishing fact is that the Taovayas Indian Bridge/Oklahoma is actually closer to us than Muenster. It is only 6.6 miles up the road from our park entrance gate to the Oklahoma state line via the Highway. (If you swim across the river, it's even closer!) Our community of Bulcher has a proud and rich history that we are proud to share with our customers.

Get your FREE iRide Bulcher stickers & tell the world where you ride!

RRMT, Inc. Staff

P.S. Congratulations Bulcher, Texas on being ranked #1 Best Off-Road Destination by RIDE TEXAS Magazine!