Thursday, May 6, 2010


New Blog Poll

As blog readers may have already noticed, we recently just got a new blog poll. We thought this would be a neat way to increase interactivity on the site & encourage increased interest with our blog. We are going to try to have a new question each week starting on Mondays. Then the voting will last exactly a week thru the next Monday. Hope you check the new blog poll out & vote each week as we want to hear from you!

Membership Packets

We have been getting many emails and phone calls recently about membership packets. Let us remind everyone that effective starting with this year (2010), RRMT, Inc. will NOT be mailing you your membership packet. Instead, you must pick up your membership packet on your next visit to the park. (In special circumstances, if other arrangements need to be made, you must contact the park office if you never intend to pick it up. Also, if you are primarily a weekday rider...we can accommodate you by arranging for you to pick up your membership packet on a weekday...but you must notify us ahead of time!) By handing the packets out at the park, this helps cut down on postage costs (money that we can be using toward more important park things) and it ensures that you get your packet. In past years, we have had too many people claim that they didn't get their packet via mail. Our new system with getting packets to everyone is more next time you are at the park and check-in at the member's counter, we'll be sure you get your 2010 packet if you haven't done so already.

P.S. If you know for sure that you are coming to the park on a certain weekday or weekend, email the park staff ahead of time to let them know and they can have your packet already pulled to give you to which will help expedite your check-in and getting your packet to you. Thanks!