Thursday, May 6, 2010


Well for curious minds that keep checking our website & read our blog, we know that you are wondering, where the heck is this new website that they keep talking about & promising us. Yes, we had extremely high hopes it would have been launched sometime in 2009, but with trying to get the point of interest sign project launched & underway coupled with completely constructing and opening the brand new Member RV sites, it just didn't happen as planned in 2009. So we are happy to bring you the news that our new website will be our first big project of 2010! Holly met with web designers on Wednesday (1/6) to wrap up the design phase of the project. Now, the website is in the hands of the web the end is in sight.

Without spoiling the surprise, we feel that our new website will be a huge asset to our facility & will help individuals stay connected to the park no matter where they are. (Because we know that you have those days where all you do is day dream about riding...don't worry, it is normal...we all do!) You know how time frames are, but tentatively we are expecting the new site to launch either in late February or early March.

So check back often for updates.

RRMT, Inc. Staff