Thursday, May 6, 2010

Required Wrist Bands


Per our previous announcement regarding the fact that with the 2010 membership season, RRMT, Inc. will be requiring both its members as well as their guests to wear wristbands....

Since technically the 2010 membership season has already opened for new members (December 5 & 6, 2009 when 2010 memberships went on sale to the general public)...This past weekend officially started the requirement of all wristbands for members & their guests. Thus, from now on, all wristbands are mandatory & members & guests will be required to wear them.

It is especially important that if you would like to use your guest passes for certain individuals, you must be sure to tell us, else they will not receive a wristband & thus proof that they are your guest! With no proof that they are your guests...they will not be entitled to access member facilities along with you!

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

RRMT, Inc. Staff

P.S. A copy of our previous blog regarding this issue has been posted below for your convenience:

2010 Changes to RRMT, Inc.'s Membership Program

Beginning with the 2010 Membership Season, RRMT, Inc. Members should note two changes to its current membership program. As usual, upon joining and/or renewing a membership, members will be entitled to a certain number of guest passes per year.

The number of guest passes allotted to each membership package is as follows:

Lone Star Excursion Membership - 10 Guests

Adventurer Membership - 5 Guests

Ranger Membership - 2 Guests

As of the 2010 membership season, when guest passes are used up, no longer will additional guest passes be available for purchase. Thus, those guests coming repeatedly with members will need to join (to obtain weekday riding privileges, member restroom/shower complex access, etc.) if they desire member benefits. Since additional guest passes can no longer be purchased, it is recommended that members use their guest passes wisely.

Coupled with the change regarding guest passes, beginning with the 2010 membership season, on all weekends (Saturdays, Sundays, and designated holidays RRMT, Inc. is open to the general public), all members and their guests will be required to wear wristbands for identification purposes. (Wristbands will not be required on weekdays (Monday-Friday), unless it is a designated holiday RRMT, Inc. is open to the general public.) RRMT, Inc. Staff will issue wristbands upon arrival & check-in at the park office.

Per this announcement, RRMT, Inc. will be updating its Member Handbook for 2010 to reflect these changes.

Thank you for your attention to these important new changes to RRMT, Inc.’s Membership Program.

RRMT, Inc. Staff